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The Village Engravers Feature Story

If ever there was a business whose name doesn’t tell enough about what they do or have for products, it’s The Village Engravers. Certainly they can and do engrave things, just about anything that you can imagine - wood, metal, glass and plastic. Pretty much any material can be engraved and that engraving is not just words; they can put pictures on things, too. They do a brisk business in name tags for various groups in either metal or plastic..

The Village Engravers also do direct to garment printing with a state-of-the-art printer that can literally print anything that you bring them onto a shirt a tote bag or other things made out of cloth of some sort. Owner Bill Gailey does all of the work in-house and can handle large and small orders. The garment printing has no set-up fee and can be for as few as one shirt. Bill can also handle the design and artwork for special shirts or tote bags.

Then there is the awards business. Bill can either engrave something that you bring him or make up an award - a cup or a plaque - and again put whatever you want on it. Finally Bill also does custom picture framing at the store.

The motto of the Village Engravers is “We make it personal” and they sure can do that. They are located in one of the rear stores in the Center Street Mall in downtown Milford, right next to the Knitting Circle store. The address is 400 N. Main St in Milford. Call them at 248-714-9889.

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