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What the heck is an “AVEDA™ Concept” Salon and why does that make a difference? There are lots of hair dressers and many hair care places that use the word salon in their name, but there is only one salon chain that follows the AVEDA™ Concept and only one of them in Milford. The ADEVA™ Concept involves more than just a commitment to the use of natural, green products; although all AVEDA™ Concept Salons use nothing but those types of products on the hair or skin of their clients.

The AVEDA™ Concept also involves creating a spa-like experience with every visit. It’s all about providing a rich, soothing and sensual experience that is unlike any other visit for hair or skin care that one might encounter.

Denise Kennedy is both the owner and a service provider at total dimension, the AVEDA™ Concept Salon in Milford. The Milford salon has been serving the Milford community since 1981, but total dimension became an AVEDA™ Concept Salon in May of 2005. As such, they use AVEDA's™ organically grown plant derived products in the salon, which are also available to take home.

The total dimension salon has been voted the best hair salon

in Milford three years

running in the Milford

Times People’s Choice

voting. Denise attributes

that number one rating

to the attention that she

and her staff give to each customer and to making sure that their experience at total dimension fulfils the AVEDA™ Concept. All of the courteous and professional staff are licensed cosmetologists providing haircut, coloring, retexturing, maintenance, styling, make up application and lessons, waxing, manicures, French manicures and pedicures as well as a full line of facial and body services. Seethe total dimension services page for a full list of available services.

For more information about total dimension and the AVEDA™ Concept, visit their Web site. Better yet, visit the salon at

570 Highland Ave.
Milford MI 48381

(In the Prospect Hill Shopping Mall, south of the Kroger store), or call -

Phone: 248-685-0557