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Featured Business of the Month

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s almost something that doesn’t feel right to have Supportive Alternative Living featured as the Business of the Month. That’s because it it is some much more than just a business for people who make up the S.A.L. Staff., For them, this isn’t just a business, it is a cause and a life commitment. They are there for the people that our society all to often seems to forget - the special needs kids who grew up and are now special need adults. I wrote about this in my blog - http://normsmilfordblog.com/2015/10/29/they-didnt-go-away-they-were-just-forgotten/ .

It is more than just just forgetting about these people, as a society we have swept them under the carpet, thrown a little money at them and said, “Now, go away, I don’t want to see you anymore.” But they are still there, just where we put them - out in our neighborhoods in groups homes or individual houses.They are trying to “just fit in”, like we asked them to do; but, they still need some help.

That’s where S.A.L. and groups like, them come in. These are people who can function at a level to allow them to live without constant care; but they may not be able to take on all of the tasks that we take for granted, like managing their checkbooks or performing as expected in a job setting. We see them as adults, because their bodies have reached that stage of maturity; however, their minds may have lagged behind - the victim of their learning or developmental disabilities that they suffer. We don’t need to just cut them some slack, we need to give them some understanding and help and that’s what S.A.L. does for them.

Visit the S.A.L. web site for more information on the services that they provide and to donate to the local S.A.L. Group.

S.A.L. used to get most of the funding it needed to operate from County program money; however, recent budget cuts have left it unable to render some of the most important services needed by its clients. Go to their site today and pledge your support for this important cause. Yes, there are great causes that also need your support and there are often very worthy calls to support someone in need in your community; however, The people that S.A.L. helps were there yesterday, they are there today and they will be there tomorrow. They are your neighbors with special needs. You can do something other than looking the other way by helping S.A.L. Help them - give today - donate.

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