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Copywrite 2015

There’s and old saw that we’ve all heard that there is nothing certain in life except death and taxes. In today’s world I think you could easily add, have your identity stolen and need or want a lawyer for something. Not a day seems to go by without another news story about yet another theft of names and passwords or personal information. Those stories are usually accompanied by a story of what some thief somewhere did with that personal information – opening credit accounts and charging a ton of things or filing a false tax return or something else. You want to believe that it can’t happen to you; but no one in our society lives far enough off the grid or is immune to the reach of these criminals.

The other thing that we live with each day is that we are part of the most litigious society on the face of the earth. Many of the news stories that aren’t about identity thief each night are about someone suing someone else. It sometimes appears that the only way to get any justice is to be able to afford a lawyer to go after it for you. That can be expensive, even if the lawyer tells you that its free. There are also so many things that you are advised to have your lawyer look over, such as your real estate sale closing documents or the mortgage or to have a lawyer prepare, such as your will or powers of attorney for medical emergencies. Most of us just shake our heads and mumble something under our breath (maybe something like, “as if I could afford an attorney”).

Well, I have a friend in the local Chamber of Commerce who happens to be in my referral network group, too – Lisa Schiller. Lisa can help you with both of those issues and at a cost that everyone can afford. She is an Independent Associate for the LegalShield company. LegalShield is one of the largest of the so-called pre-paid legal services companies. The concept is fairly simple and straightforward – you pay a monthly fee to have access to an attorney when and if needed for many of the less complex things for which an attorney may be required. It is not meant to replace hiring your own attorney if you become involved in a more complex situation, like a nasty divorce or a criminal or civil suit brought against you. Click here to view a list on the LegalShield Web site of examples of things that you might use it for. You will probably see quite a few things on that short list of examples that you wish that you had an attorney to help with.

Lisa often uses a little catch phrase that goes something like, it’s not equal justice without equal access.” Unfortunately most of us can’t usually afford equal access to the attorneys who can get the equal justice. LegalShield can give you that equal access.

Lisa also sells an Identity Thief product that LegalShield sells in conjunction with Kroll, Inc. an International company that deals with risk management and risk response. That product has both active monitoring features to keep track of what’s happening in the world in your name and to deal with cases of fraud or misrepresentation by someone who may have stolen your identity. It’s not just about stolen credit cards or falsified credit applications any more. These days it also means things like people seeking medical care with your identity and how that can really mess up your medical records, as well as your credit. Imagine trying to check in at the hospital and discovering that you were supposedly just there last week and that they pull up your medical record and it’s not even close. What a mess. Another all too common ruse these days involves someone filing a tax return in your name and collecting any tax rebate before you discover it. It can be a nightmare trying to convince the IRS that THEY made a mistake by processing that return and sending the check to the wrong person. You don’t want to fight that battle by yourself.

So, when you think about it, these are just new and different forms of insurance, which deal with some of the problems that life throws your way by offering access to legal advice and risk management services to deal with bad situations. Could you deal with these things on your own? Maybe; but, you’d have to have lots of time and patience and persistence. You’d be amazed what a well-written letter from an attorney can do to speed along the process of clearing things up. Give Lisa a call at 313-550-0147 and see how she can help you. She also has small business plans for the business owner who wants a service for the business. That way they too aren't worried about hourly costs. And she  offers both of the legal and identity theft plans as an employee benefit, through employers, regardless of size.

Lisa Schiller

Independent Associate