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Ellis Brothers Collision

 4935 Technical Drive, Milford MI

 (248) 717-3432

Whether you have had a minor accident or suffered a major Whamm-o; drive, drag, or have your car towed into Ellis Brothers Collision for the best in service and repairs, home of the Six Guarantees. Owner Dave Ellis reminds you that incidents like getting hit by an animal or bird or something that falls off another vehicle and was bouncing around the road are accidents that are usually covered under your comprehensive coverage, often at little to no cost to you (depends upon your deductible). He also reminds you that you have the right to take you r car to any collision repair shop that you choose, so why not choose the best.

The experienced technicians at Ellis Brothers Collision use state of the art equipment in an immaculate setting to insure that your car will look as good as new when it comes out of the shop. Take a tour of their paint booth and you’ll be amazed.

So, whether you forget to use the rear view mirror and backed into something or someone else forgot to use theirs, take you rcar to Ellis Brothers collision for the best service, the best repairs and the best guarantees. Go to their web site -http://ellisbrotherscollision.com/ -  to read about he six guarantees.