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Milford Area New-Build Developments - Single Family Homes

This is my attempt to portray the new-build developments in and around the Village of Milford. The main reason it is of importance to understand whether a development is “in the Village” or not is that the Village of Milford has it’s own water and sewer plants, so homes inside the Village limits normally have “municipal water and sewer”.  Everything else - out in the Township and in adjacent Townships - is normally on a well and septic system. Some locals will also grouse a bit about the Village taxes being higher than out in the Township and that is true, but you do get some nice benefits from living in the Village, too.


The Village of Milford is fairly well built out, so there aren’t lots of places for developers to build. There are only eight currently active developments (a relative term as you will see) for single family homes within the Village limits and one of them is a detached condo complex. All new developments in Michigan are now usually listed as “Site Condos” , which means that you own your home and the land that it is own and that you are a part of a condo association that owns some common areas - the entrance and maybe a park or some woodlands. It is much, much easier for a developer to get a site condo plan approved than it is to get a platted subdivision plan approved that all of the developers have gone to site condos developments.


Of the nine developments shown here, four appear to be somewhat or completely “stalled” right now. One is actually built out and I included it only because one of the units that was barely lived in is on the market. Only the Cottage Lane detached condo development and the Milford Pointe development appear to be actively building right now. This is not unusual, given the current poor housing market and the economy in Michigan. Many developers and builders have gone bankrupt and some have left Michigan for good.  I believe that all of these projects are still viable, but the builders have ceased building “Spec Homes” during this downturn. There are still some spec houses available in some of these developments and I have pictured them. The ninth “development” is on River Street and it is as much a dream as a development right now. The 5 lots are platted out, but no building has started on any of them yet. This may be a “bring your own builder” development.


So, if you have a new build in mind, this is what;s available in Milford right now. Call me and I’ll find out more about any of these developments and get you in to see the spec homes. The map above shows he locations of the five developments. Call me if you would like more information on any of these developments.

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Milford Pointe
Ridge Valley
Riverside Development
Cottage Lane
Stonewood Development
M ilford Glen
Boulder Hills
River Woods Estates
River Street Development