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Copywrite 2015

 jademar design, llc

Big time experience comes to small town America. From time to time small towns receive the benefit of having someone with big-time marketing skills and experiences (usually on the East or West Coasts) bring those skills with them as they relocate to the area. Often these are people who had very successful careers with large national and international companies, but who have chosen to live a different lifestyle in a bit quieter setting like Milford.

I reported on the company of one such local person, Joan Witte, whose company Raven Loon Communications, focuses upon PR and marketing. The company jademar design, llc is another such company with a slightly different focus.

The owner of jademar design, llc,  Marla Schalow, has a unique background that she brings to the company: communications, production, project management and creative skills. Marla has over 23 years of experience in the communications industry, including marketing, branding, media, video/television production, project management and research. She has worked for some of the top companies in the nation, including Sony, MTV, Harpo Productions, Comedy Central, VH1, and Universal; and, has been responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, projects and productions.

Since moving into the area, Marla has solely concentrated on bringing visual communications, graphic design, print production, corporate branding and concept development to the small to medium businesses in the Milford area. With her broad spectrum of experience, Marla has helped many companies with their graphic design, branding campaigns, collateral, and print production needs. You have likely seen her work in local ads, brochures and posters at stores or on local bill boards. Some local business person may have given you a business card that she designed.

Marla and jademar design, llc offer a number of valuable services to local businesses.

Services include:

In addition Marla offers complete project management services and takes complete responsibility from start to finish on major projects, including choosing and managing sub-contractors.

To learn more about jademar design, llc (including the origin of the jademar name) and Marla, visit her web site – www.jademardesign.com or call her at (734) 548-5701.

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