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the integrator group

– Fractional Integrator Services

What the heck is an integrator and what are fractional integrator services? To find out the answer to those two questions go to the Home page of the Integrator Group’s Web site and click on the Get Started Button. To find out what it can mean for your small business, you’ll have to take Rick Wilson up on his offer to sit with you and explain what he does and why you need it. Rick is the Owner of the Integrator Groups and offers Fractional Integrator Services himself.

So, let me put in layman’s terms what I took away from my meeting with Rick recently. I was meeting with him to better understand what he does, so that I might be able to refer people to him for his services.

First off, Rick focuses upon small businesses and small business men and women. He does not take on middle or large size companies, mainly because to get to that size they have already figured out the things that he is trying to help the small businessman with.

Secondly, he does not work full time with the client/small business; but, rather devotes a portion (a fraction, thus the term fractional) of each week, usually a day with each client.

Third, his goal is to work himself out of a job with each client by making them successful at what he is guiding them through. In many cases he will help the company hire his permanent replacement.

Forth, Rick brings a rich background of having gone through the growing pains of starting up a company and seeing it past its first few critical years. Listen to a few of his stories about his background and you’ll come away impressed that he knows what he’s talking about because he has lived through it more than once. This is not his first rodeo.

OK, OK, so what does he do. I will summarize what I heard, but you need to get the full story from Rick.

Rick works with the entrepreneur/owner of startup and small businesses to get them past the wall which that person will inevitably hit when the business gets too big for him to run it completely him/herself. It may be the time that comes when the owner realizes that he/she needs more than a simple spread sheet and everything else in their head to run the business. Maybe they already did outsource a few things like payroll or accounting; but they’re still running everything else by the seat of their pants or the force of their will. Eventually, it will occur to them that they have reached that stage in their business where they need to start really running it like an on-going business. That means having repeatable and measurable processes in place and that’s where Rick come in.

Rick is an Integrator, that person behind the scenes that makes things work by systematizing the work and putting processes in place. Sometimes that involves implementing technologies, sometimes just means getting the right outside service contacts in place, but it always means grasping a better understanding of how your business works and is going to have to work in the future if you are to continue to grow and be successful.  Once you get to the place, as a business entrepreneur/owner where you can’t keep all of the balls in the air anymore, you need someone like Rick to help you get the business organized so that it can run itself while you go think up the next great thing or product.

So, where are you with your small business? Have you got everything under control? Really?  Is your business set up and organized such that it is running smoothly now and ready to scale up? How many more balls do you think you can keep in the air without getting an Integrator in place at your company?  Talk to Rick about that next step and about how he can help you get your company ready for that step.

Call Rick at 248-887-3787 to schedule an appointment to sit down with him.