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It’s that time of the year when people think about taxes. Those are thoughts that stir fear and trepidation in many. The tax laws just keep getting more and more complex and there are more and more of them to be concerned about. All of this complexity increases the chances that you’ll do something wrong and end up with an IRS audit. That’s the big reason to seek help with your taxes. Once you’ve admitted that you’d like help, get the best - go with the pro - Gerry Hoffman of Hoffman’s Tax and Accounting.

I know of no one better to help you with your taxes and, if needed, to represent you at an IRS audit than Gerry Hoffman. Gerry holds a Master of Science in Taxation Degree and is certified to represent taxpayers before the IRS. If you spend any time just talking to Gerry about taxes you’ll come away with a couple of thoughts – this guy is passionate about his work and he knows what he’s doing. This is no “pay me $200 and I’ll fill in your tax forms” guy. Gerry studies the tax laws and takes over 40 hours a year of continuing education in order to keep up with all of the tax law changes. He knows where all of the legal tax breaks are and he knows where the lines are that you shouldn’t cross. He won’t let you wander across those lines and into trouble. This year in particular it is critical to understand the tax implications of the Affordable Health Care Act (aka. ObamaCare). Gerry knows what you can and cannot deduct based upon your situation and the choices that you made. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have a clue. If you bought or sold real estate during 2014 it is also critical to have someone who understands the tax codes help you with what is deductible and what isn't.

If you listen to a few of Gerry’s stories about going to IRS audits with clients you’ll quickly conclude that you’d want him there with you if you ever got called. Going into an audit situation like that without someone like Gerry is like going to trial on a potentially serious charge without a lawyer – don’t do it. I particularly like the stories he tells about sitting at the IRS  Audit table with his foot on top of his client’s foot, so that he can remind the client when to keep quiet by gently (sometime not so gently) stepping down. Also his advice, about staying quiet when the auditor leaves the room and until you get all of the way out of the building, makes perfect sense – there is always a chance that they are listening in on any conversations.

Gerry’s a pleasant enough fellow that you might enjoy meeting him at a social gathering and talking about other things; however, he really comes alive when the subject turns to taxes and his passion for that topic shows through. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have a guy who is excited and committed to his profession than some part-time tax preparer trying to make a few extra bucks during tax season. That guy will likely be back at his full-time job, if you get called in for an audit. Gerry will be there, ready to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes during the audit and to defend any and all entries that he made on your return.

Give Gerry a call at 248-553-2226 and get professional help this tax season.

And once you get past the tax season, give Gerry a call for all of your accounting needs. The best way to be sure that you are ready for next year’s tax season is to use Gerry year-around as your accountant. That way you can take advantage of tax breaks during the year and not wait until tax time to claim them. He can also advise you about your business and do things like getting you set up as a corporation to get further tax advantages. Being in business is not all a DIY venture. That’s what people like your banker and your accountant are there for - to advise you on matters that you probably don’t have expertise on and to make sure that you don’t make mistakes but that you get the full advantage of the laws that govern those areas.

Call Gerry today and get started on a better 2015.