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Put your business in the Spotlight… with Comcast Spotlight

Milford Township resident Julie Hill represents Comcast Spotlight and is able to offer local businesses big-time exposure on multiple different screens for very reasonable prices. While Julie works for Comcast Spotlight, she is actually able to get local businesses exposure on all of the well-known media names, including Comcast, AT&T U-verse, Wow, Charter/Spectrum, Dish, Direct TV and more. She gets your ad on not only the cable channels; but also onto major Web site and handheld devices. That’s why Comcast Spotlight calls it a multi-screen marketing strategy.

In the past, there was broadcast TV and little else available to reach mass audiences and that was very expensive. With the advent of cable and the creation of many “networks” on cable, such as the ESPN Sports Network (Julie represents 54 networks on cable) and each network having multiple “channels” (do you even know how many ESPNB channels there are?).  Each of those channels appeals to specific sets of viewers and Julie can help you determine which channels your target customers watch. All of these networks and channels offer ad slots on their various shows and those slots have become very reasonable for even the small business owner. More and more of the entertainment content of these channels is being viewed on handheld devices – smartphones and tablets – and Julie can even target your ads to the devices.

One of the great things about the ad services that Julie offers is that they can also offer exposure during specific events that are covered on the various cable channels; events such as the upcoming Olympics or the recent NFL draft or the soccer World Cup. They also cover entertainment events like the Oscars and Emmys, and special-interest events like the Westminster Dog Show or maybe a local tractor pull or a skateboard championship. The point is that all of these events are usually carried on one or more cable channels and those channels offer ad slots at a much lower cost than normal broadcast TV. No matter what you identify as your target audience there is probably a cable show on one of the channels somewhere that reached that audience and Julie can get you in front of them at a reasonable price.

Julie spends a lot of time in the front end of a customer engagement gaining an understanding of their business and their targeted audience of potential buyers. That way she can suggest a specific strategy to reach those people with a “multi-screen” approach to make sure that whatever device those people use, your ad will be in front of them. Best of all she sets up monthly tracking and reporting to show you exactly how many people you reached and how they got to your ad. You can see quickly whether the ads that you are running are reaching your targeted audience and judge how effective they are. You get the advantage of leveraging Comcast Spotlight for your very own “big data analytics”.

Julie has 25 years of experience in advertising, starting out in the in-theater advertising business right out of Eastern Michigan University, where she majored in Telecommunications and Film with a minor in advertising. She has been a resident of Milford Township for the last 8 years and had been with Comcast Spotlight for two years. Let Julie show you want you could be doing on cable and on hand-held devices to get the word out about your business. The best news of all is that is much more affordable than you might think. Give her a call at (734) 394-6515.