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Rodger Burskey –

Voya Financial advisor

For some time, I’ve advised clients and especially first-time buyers to first seek out the services of a good financial advisor, before they even start to look for a house. It is really important to get a handle on all of your finances before jumping into something as big as buying a house. It is also important to find an advisor with the breadth credentials and experience to handle all of your financial needs and advice.  Rodger Burskey is one such financial advisor.

Rodger works for Voya Financial Advisors, which was a spin off from ING International – a world-wide banking and financial services company.  Rodger has been doing this for over 20 years for hundreds of clients. He holds all of the required licenses to service all of your financial needs, from investments to insurance and everything in between.

Most important to Rodger and to you is that he is ready to listen to your story, to find out where you are at in your financial life and to make recommendations on the best course of actions that you can take to secure your financial future, whether it involved anything that he can sell you or not. If you are young and just starting out in the work world, Rodger, like most good financial advisors will tell you that it’s not what you make at this stage in life, it’s what you do with it that matters. Even a little socked away now will have time to grow and become the bedrock of your nest-egg for retirement someday.

I have a great financial advisor and I’ve been with her for 30+ years. Had I met Rodger back then I’d probably be saying that about him now. I trust my financial advisor and I would trust Rodger with my money, too. Go to Rodger’s web site to learn more about the products and programs that he has available and get on his email list for a monthly report about what’s happening in the market. In the meantime, I’ve put Rodger’s contact info below.

We may be out of the woods in terms of the recent “Great Recession”, but you’ll still be wandering around in financial forest, lost and confused, without a good guide. Give Rodger Burskey a call and have him draw up a roadmap to your future. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Rodger Burskey,

Burskey and Associates

Commerce, MI
248 363 1098 Fax

Email: Rodger@BurskeyAssociates.com