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Finally, there’s an IT Services Company that get’s it. They get it that you need their help and services 24 hours a day. They get it that you need to have a predictable cost for those services. They get it that you’d rather catch an IT problem before it becomes a problem for your business. They get it that you can’t afford to have an extensive IT staff trained and up-to-date on all of the latest IT technology. They get it that you don’t have the time and your “IT staff” doesn’t have the time to stay up-to-date on the latest security threats and issues. They get it that you need to be able to recover from an unanticipated catastrophe. They get it that you are in business to run your business and not to run IT. They get it that great customer service should be their highest priority, so that you can give great service to your customers.

Bulldog IT Services has a business model that is different from most of the IT services companies that you may be familiar with. The services that Bulldog It Services offer are billed at a predictable flat rate and can cover your business 24X7.

The Bulldog IT Services delivery model is not  a traditional break-fix model that waits until there is a problem or crisis and then reacts to it. The Bulldog IT Services approach is to be proactive, with constant monitoring of your IT resources and alerts that are triggered when things start to go wrong. Those early alerts allow Bulldog It Services to intervene before a problem becomes a crisis.  

Bulldog IT Services also offers a range of specialty services that supplement and compliment the work that your regular IT people are already doing, whether you have one IT person or 100 on staff. The Bulldog IT Services people can off-load your IT infrastructure maintenance services, your back-up services, and your security services.

Bulldog IT Services can even become involved with managing the IT services that you get from other vendors, such as Web hosting services and scheduling or inventory control; services and accounting or billing services.. By handing those day-to-day maintenance and background services off to Bulldog IT Services, you will free your IT staff to work on the business revenue generating projects that you hired them to accomplish in the first place.

Not all companies even need an IT staff on the payroll; so, if it is the right thing for your company to do, Bulldog IT Services can also help you with Remote Computing Services and even Cloud Computing. They can help you with that assessment about whether those are the right IT strategies for your company and then manage the migration of your company onto those services. You can learn more about all of the Bulldog It Services at their web site -

Call Jeff Nelson, Account Executive for Bulldog IT Services at (517) 233-1523 ext 216 to discuss setting up a free on-site consultation session to assess your IT services needs. You can also email Jeff at